("Oh Romeo,Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo", "ROMEO AND JULIET" Act II, scene II )

"Romeo and Juliet", Ford Madox Brown (1867)

In this section you will find information,activities and links to the greatest English writer,  William Shakespeare.

William Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers in the history of Literature ever . Not only did he write plays (comedies, tragedies and historical plays), but also poetry. You might not know much about this great English playwright. These links might help you find out more:

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William Shakespeare's birthplace


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The Globe theatre was the theatre where Shakespeare's most important plays were performed. Everyone could go to see these plays and depending on the social class you belonged to you would sit in one place or another (usually lower social classes would stand up and the seats were kept for those who could afford them). The Globe was rebuilt in 1999, and nowadays you can enjoy the pleasure to go to see Shakespeare's plays being performed here.

The Globe theatre
The Globe theatre virtual tour



      "Romeo and Juliet" Glogster (Inma López)
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"Ophelia", Alexandre Cabanel, 1883

"Hamlet" is one of William Shakespeare's most important and famous plays. "Hamlet" is a revenge tragedy in which we can find such universal themes as revenge, sexual, moral and political corruption, madness, melancholy, misoginy, among others. The main character, Prince Hamlet, seeks revenge after Claudius, his uncle, murders King Hamlet and marries Gertrude (Hamlet's mother). To do so Hamlet pretends to be mad, but throughout the play it's difficult to tell whether he's pretending or he's actually gone mad. To find out more click on the fucsia links.